The Project on “Training for the Staff & Health Worker of Member Institutions” was launched in the 15 Diocese of North East regions on the 1st of June 2010. On the 1st phase of the programme NECHA has undertaken 5 dioceses namely: - Diphu, Dibrugarh, Kohima, Guwahati, Shillong. The programme is implemented with the aim of developing the skills and knowledge of the staff & Health Workers of Member Institution, and to provide the health facilities in the most appropriate way.

Activities of the programme are given below:-


I. Awareness programme
Awareness on T.B., malaria, & HIV/ AIDS were organized in dioceses Diphu, Dibrugarh, Kohima, Guwahati, Shillong. These awareness programmes were conducted in remote areas where people are not aware of the prevailing communicable & water born diseases. There were more than thousand participants in the programme. The common people are happy to know the causes and prevention of the diseases, they learn a lot from the awareness programme.


II. Seminars for Community Leaders on R.T.I(Right To Information)
Two days seminars on Right To Information was organized for Diphu, Dibrugarh, Kohima, Guwahati, Shillong. dioceses. In the programme the people were made aware of what is RTI, the power of RTI, it uses. There were more than 500 people who attended the seminars on RTI. Most of them were not aware of the RTI. In the programme the people were made aware of what is RTI, the power of RTI, it uses. The two days seminars was very useful for the people, they were made aware of powerful act which will be useful in their day to day life.


III. Free Medical Camp
Two medical camps were organized at Diphu, Dibrugarh, Kohima, Guwahati, Shillong dioceses.. The diseases diagnosed are malaria, diarrhea, dysentery and common cold & cough. There were more than 1000 participants, all the patients were given free medicines and all the serious cases were referred to local PHC.


IV. Training programme on T.B.
Three days training programme was held at NECHA building from 20th to 22nd Nov. 2010. There were 30 health workers of 5 dioceses attended the training programme. The training was arranged with the aim of updating the skills to take care of the T.B. patients in latest techniques. The resourse person for the programme were- Dr. Girish Singh, STP, CHAI, Dr. P.K. Adhikari, STPC CHAI, and Dr. Palash Talukdar, WHO Consultant.


V. Training programme on Malaria
Three days training programme was held at NECHA building from 22nd to 24th Feb. 2011. There were 30 health workers of 5 dioceses attended the training programme. The training was arranged with the aim of updating the skills to take care of malaria in latest techniques. The resource person for the programme were from State Malaria Department - Dr. K. Barman, CM&HO (CD), Dr. P.K. Phukan, M&E Consultant, NVBDCP, Mr. R.N. Talukdar, Asst. DHS (Entomology), NVBDCP, Assam, Dr. K. Khound, SDM&HO


VI. Training programme HIV/AIDS
A training programme on HIV was held at NECHA on 25th – 27th Feb. 2011. There were 30 health workers of 3 dioceses namely Diphu, Kohima and Shillong attended the training programme. The resource for the training programme were Dr. S.I. Ahmed and Miss Sophia from AIDS Prevention Society, Guwahati.


VII. Seminar on HIV/AIDS, T.B. & Malaria
Three days of Seminar on HIV/AIDS, T.B. & Malaria was organized on 25th 26th & 27th March 2011 at NECHA. The resources for the programme were Dr. G.C. Singh, Dr. Swaroop Baruah, Dr. S.N. Goswami & Mrs. Arpana Barman. There were 35 participants for the programme coming from Diphu, Shillong, Kohima, Guwahati and Dibrugarh dioceses. This programme was very useful for the participants because most of the sessions were very practical and open. The participants got an opportunity to interact with the resources and most of their doubts were cleared in this seminars.


2. Integrated Rural Development Programme
This programme is implemented in the 10 villages of Tangla parish under the diocese of Tezpur. This programme has the activites of all round development for the beneficiaries of the targeted villages. The various activities conducted so far are given below.
• 200 men & women of the targeted villages are enrolled in adult education.
• 300 children of the targeted villages are enrolled in the Baalwadi School.
• Cycles distribution for the village supervisors


5 free health camps are organized and more 1500 people are given free consultation and medicines.

    Monthly awareness programme on health, education and motivation programme is organized.

15 youth are given IGP training, boys were sent to Umran (R.R.T.C) and girls to Auxilium convent Goalpara.

3. NECHA AGBM 2011
NECHA had its AGBM on 2nd and 3rd September 2011 at Bakdil Training Centre Tura. The theme of the programme was “Health Insurance” and its chief guest was Shri. Sanjay Goyel , Deputy Commissioner of West Garo hills, and guests of honour were Most. Rev John Moolachira,Co-adjustor Archbishop of Guwahati and Most. Rev Andrew Marak, Bishop of Tura.Rev. Fr.(Dr.) Tommy IMS, Director General of CHAI

Silver Jubilee 1985-2010

The origin and history of NECHA


North Eastern community Health Association (NECHA) is the regional unit Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI). It was founded in August 1985 by Fr. K.C. George along with the Health Institutions from Imphal and CHAI national Team who had come to visit the North East India. NECHA represents the seven states of Noth East India and has a membership 275 Catholic Health Institutions spread over the 15 Dioceses of the region. Its services are rendered through the rural dispensaries run by the Member Institutions (MIs) in remote and inaccessible areas  extending to well equipped hospitals. NECHA in collaboration with its member institutions has initiated various developmental programmes in the fields of Leadership building, Advocacy initiatives, Community health, Capacity building, Income Generating activities, Information dissemination and Documentation.

Right at the beginning NECHA’s head office was at Imphal. Fr. K.C. George along with the few member Institutions worked hard to organize the health institutions and enable them to provide basic health care to the needy and neglected segment of the society. They formed village health committees and organized health programmes. Soon after that NECHA office was shifted to Shillong for better communication and organization of the programmes for the entire region under the presidentship of Fr. K.C. George. Ultimately decision was taken to shift the office to Guwahati, as Guwahati is the most important town of the region. At the beginning in Guwahati, NECHA had rented office space at Ganeshguri. Later came to Six mile and rented a house. NECHA was able to buy the present site in 2000 and laid the foundation for its premises. The office cum training centre of NECHA was inaugurated on 5th December 2002 by Rt. Rev. Thomas Menaparampill, Arch Bishop of Guwhati and Rt. Rev Thomas Pulloppillil. After shifting the office to its new premises it was easy for NECHA to organize its programmes and conduct its activities involving all the dilocesan units of the region. On 12th April 2010 NECHA has added an extension to the exiting building with a conference hall for 100 people and accommodation for 30 people. Now NECHA has the needed infrastructure and staff for its functioning. NECHA’s present effort is to realize its goal of enabling the communities to achieve its mission of wholesome health for every member of the community.

Goal: NECHA strives to make community health a people’s initiative in the villages of North East India.
Mission: Empower the poor, the marginalized and the vulnerable to take responsibility for themselves and the society through a process of community health.

“NECHA envisages a just and peaceful society where people enjoy life in its fullness.”

Fr. K.C. George
Fr. Thomas Meckalath
Sr. Barbara SCCG (1999-2002)
Sr. Elizabeth Edattukaran FMA
Sr. Maria BS
Sr. Martha
(SCCG -2007)
Fr. K.C. George
Fr. Kurian Joseph
Fr. Lazar Kakkassery
Fr. George Parachal
EBM (Executive Board Meeting) & AGBM (Annual General Body Meeting)
Executive Board Members hold meetings at NECHA for better planning and execution of its programmes regularly. A minimum of three executive meetings are held yearly for the assessment and evaluation of NECHA programmes. NECHA AGBM ( Annual General Body Meeting ) is held at various Diocesan centers with different themes relevant to the Health Mission we have undertaken.

Staff of NECHA:





Fr. George Parackal



Sr. Jocelyn



Mrs. Sharmila B.



Dr. Pratul Kumar Adhikari, MBBS, PGDHHM

State Coordinator, T.B. Project


Dr. G.C. Singh MBBS

State Coordinator, T.B. Project


Basanta Rabha MSW

Programme Coordinator


Sanjeev Soren BA



Surendra Singha


NECHA activities

  • VCHC Formation
  • Integrated Village Health Initiatives
  • Medicine kit Training Programme
  • Health Camps
  • Identifying Key issues in the Areas of Operation
  • Identifying programming priorities
  • Women empowerment, Health and Literacy programme
  • Sponsorship Programme for Disabled Children
  • Institutional System & Capacity Building Programme
  • Strategic Health Planning for North Eastern Dioceses.
  • CBCI CARD TB Project
  • Women Empowerment, Healthy & Literacy programme

Major Projects Executed by NECHA from 2001-2010 in partnership with donor agencies

        • Community Health Programme – MISEREIOR & CORDAID
        • Base Line Survey - MISEREIOR & CORDAID
        • Promotion of Community Health in the North Eastern Region - CORDAID
        • NCIM (Needs & Capacity Identification Mission ) MISEREIOR & CORDAID
        • Training & Awareness Programme For rural women & Health workers. – IGSSS
        • Institutional System & Capacity Building Programme - MISEREIOR & CORDAID
        • Village Health Initiative for Peace Programme –CRS
        • Liliance fond – SLF – NETHERLAND
        • CBCICARD TB Project
        • PLHs ( People living with HIV / AIDS) – CRS
        • HIV / AIDS Project –CRS
        • Malaria Control Programme – CRS
        • Integrated Rural Women Upliftment & Health Care Programme – MANOS UNIDAS
        • Improving Health in India Through Capacity Building Advocacy and Networking – CHAI
        • Integrated Rural Women Upliftment Programme – CORDAID
        • Training for staff & Health Workers of Member Institutions of 15 Dioceses. – Bishop’s Conferences, Italy

1. Tripura Catholic Health Association (TCHA)

  Agartala Diocese  

TCHA is established in 1997 covering 4 district of Tripura and presently functioning with 12 MIs. Major Activities of MIs are

  • Treatment of patients at clinics & villages
  • Immunization programme
  • Training on Herbal medicines
  • School Health Programme
  • Health Camps
  • Awareness programme

2. Aizwal Community Health Association (ACHA)


Aizwal Diocese


Functioning with 17 Mls.



  • Formation of SHGs
  • Animation of Rural Folka
  • Herbal Medicine & herbal garden
  • Education of Drop out children
  • Health Workers training programme
  • Preventative, Promotive, aspect of Health care
  • Vocational training programme

3. Catholic Health Association of Bongaigaon (CHAB)


Bongaigaon Diocese


CHAB was established in 2000, presently functioning with Mis and has 1 hospital and 15 dispensaries.



  • MIs are working as DOT center
  • Mobile dispensary
  • Health Awareness programme
  • Free Education up to class IV
  • Supply of medicated mosquito nets
  • Regular home visits
  • Networking with govt. health department
  • Nutrition programme
  • Free Medical Camps
  • Herbal Medicine training programme
  • Promotion of Safe deliveries. ANC & PNC checks up
  • Health workers training programme

4. Community Health Association of Dibrugarh CHAD

  Dibrugarh Diocese  

Established 1985, reaching out to 5 civil districts presently functioning with 31 member institutions.

  • Village health awareness programme
  • Training of Traditional Birth attendants
  • Promotion of herbal medicines
  • Training of Parish & Village health leaders
  • Formation of village & health committees
  • School health programme
  5. Diphu Catholic Health Association (DCHA)  

Diphu Diocese


DCHA was established in 1985, presently functioning with 16 members institutions.



  • Capacity building measures for Member Institutions
  • Herbal & village health workers Training programme
  • Networking with govt. Health department
  • SMCS (Safe Mother & Child Survival) programme
  • DCHA Executive Board Meeting
  • Strategic Plan Document
  • Malaria Health Check up Camps
  • RNTCP programme
  • Programme for Disable Children

6. Catholic Health Association of Guwahati (CHAG)


Guwahti Diocese


Sr. Annie is the president and presently Functioning with 20 Mis.

  • Free Health Camp
  • Women empowerment
  • SLF programme
  • CHAG Executive Board Members
  • Health Awareness programme
  • Training on Herbal medicines

7. Itanagar Diocesan Community Health Association (ICHA)

  Itanagar Diocese  

Established in March 2007, covering 17 towns & 3863 villages.Functioning with 12 Health Centres.

  • Community Health Program (Health & Hygiene)
  • Networking with DOT program of the Govt.
  • Mother & Child Health Care in the centre
  • Networking with the govt & NGO for Medical Camps
  • Women Empowerment
  • Daily Health Care Services – OPD
  • Promotion of Herbal medicine
  • School Health Education
  • Family Counseling

8. Catholic Health Association of Manipur ( CHAM)


Imphal Diocese


Estalished 8th October 1997, functioning with 28 life time members. It has I Catholic Centre.

  • CHAM Board Meeting
  • Gender Education Programme
  • Baalwadi Centers & SHGs formation
  • Home for Orphans
  • AGBM of CHAM
  • HIV / AIDS Drugs addicts Counseling / Prevention programme
  • Vocational Training

9. Jowai Community Health Association (JOCHA)


Jowai Diocese

  Established in 8th Jan.2006, functioning with 4 members  

10. Catholic Health Association of Nagaland (CHAN)


Kohima Diocese


Estalished in 1997, functioning with 20 active members.



  • Care & Support programme for TB/ HIV AIDS
  • SMCS ( Safe Mother & Child Survival)
  • Village health workers training programme
  • CHAN Executive Board Meeting
  • Rehabilitation of Drugs & Alcoholics
  • TBA training programmes for Students
  • Health programmes for students
  11. Miao Community Health Association (MICHA)  
  MIAO Diocese  
  Established in 2006, coverting 6 civil district of East Arunachal Pradesh with a 4,70,000. Population, functioning with 7 dispensaries.  
  Health education for Children   Training programme for village health workers
  12. Nongstoin Community Health Association (NCHA)  
  Nongstoin Diocese  
  Established in 2007, Functioning with 13 Mls  
  Health Awareness Programme   Free eye camp
  Seminers on health   Consultation work shops of the Dioceses Strategy Health Plan
  NCHA Executive Board Meeting   NCHA AGBM
  Free Check up Camps for pregnant mothers   Free Child Camps
  Familt Visiting    
  13. Community Health Association of Shillong (CHAS)  
  Shillong Diocese  
  Established in 1985 and Registered under govt. of Meghalaya, presently functioning with 34 members.  
  Work shops on Health   Training programme on Health
  Awareness programme on health   Women's Day Celebration
  Marriage Training Programme   CHAS Executive Board meeting
  Chas AGBM    

Catholic Health Association of Tezpur (CHAT)


Tezpur Diocese


Established in 1998, presently functioning with 18 members. It has 2 Catholic



  • Health Workers Training Programme
  • Leadership Training Programme
  • Training on Panchayat Raj, Human Training, Herbal Medicine, Malaria, TB etc.
  • Free Medical Camps
  • Women’s Day, Health, AIDS Day celebration
  • School Health Training Programme
  • Awareness Programme on HIV/AIDS
  • Women empowerment
  • TB Sensitization programme

Garo hills Community Health Association GCHA


Tura Diocese

  • Celebration of Village Clinic Day
  • Healrh Workers training Programme
  • Free health programmes
  • Immunizations
  • Awareness for ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activities)
  • ASHA training (Book V) in 3 districts of Garo Hills conducted
  • RNTCP Awareness programme
  • Tree plantation
  • School health programme
  • Free medicated bed nets distribution
  • VHND (Village Health & Nutritons Day) Anganwadi centres.
  • Bady Show programme conducted.
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